Corporate Philosophy

HOMECorporate Philosophy

Founding Spirit

Founding spirit: Continue to pursue even better quality and more inexpensive housing

"To contribute to society by supplying even better quality and more inexpensive housing”, is the founding spirit that has been consistently proclaimed by Iida Sangyo. Currently, the theme of our founding spirit that has continued and been put into practice is what our customers look for. We will continue to pour forth our efforts in providing even better quality and more inexpensive housing to all of our customers here on into the future.


Management Policy

Management Policy: Continue to constantly keep ahead of the times

Customer needs have shifted from hard needs such as “size” to a focus on soft needs such as measures to combat “sick house syndrome”. “Our aim is to be a company that can foresee and always quickly adapt to any change in the times.” This is the style of which Iida Sangyo has continued to put into practice over the years.  Through swift management, Iida Sangyo will continue to stay ahead of the times and accurately respond to the needs of our customers.

Past Highlights:

Developed the I.D.S. Construction Method that has excellent earthquake resistance,
durability, insulation and airtightness.
Developed a 24-hour automatic ventilation system called "Air Lean II".
The Housing Performance Indication System went into effect on April 1, 2000,
however we were able to adjust our IDS Construction Method to comply with the Housing
Performance Indication System and introduce it to all of our existing buildings ahead of our competitors.
We commenced the supply of housing that was compatible with SI type homes ahead of the competition
in the build for sale detached housing market. (Improvements made to the IDS-V Construction Method)
Prior to the collapse of the bubble economy, in ready-built housing, there were almost no properties
that could utilize Government Housing Loan Corporation financing, however after the collapse of the
bubble economy and ahead of our competitors, we were able to provide properties that could utilize
this type of financing to satisfy our customer needs.
With the foresight of an imminent collapse of the bubble economy, we were able to make quick
adjustments at an early stage to only experience a deficit of our accounts for only one period ending
March 31, 1992, since the company was founded.
Amid the harsh economic times of corporate restructuring and downsizing, and at a time when
our customers were unsure of their future employment situation, we developed the "Housing Loan
Relief Compensation Plan" (a long-term income protection insurance plan) ahead of our competitors
to help allay their fears.
*Currently we do not provide the above Housing Loan Relief Compensation Plan service.


Focus on the houses built for sale business

Coupled with the changing of times, the housing industry has also undergone numerous challenges. In particular, while houses for sale accounted for 15.7% of new residential construction starts across the country in 1986, today it has reached approximately 30% and the housing supply business has grown significantly. Iida Sangyo has identified these needs and has specialized in supplying houses built for sale which has provided great satisfaction to our customers. In particular, our detached wooden houses for sale are of original design based on a “one design for one house concept”, that identifies the most comfortable way of living that we have pursued by taking into account the customers viewpoint. We will, of course, continue to supply high quality housing at inexpensive prices with respect to durability, livability and functionality. With a careful focus on housing in the future, we will continue to expand business and always be one step ahead of others.

Focus on the Tokyo metropolitan area and cities with a trade area of over one million people

In the housing market in the Tokyo metropolitan area, demand for wooden houses built for sale in particular continues to grow steadily. The supply of wooden detached housing for sale in the Tokyo Metropolitan area in 1986 accounted for 37.2% of the country’s total, whereas today, that number has increased to 60% and is concentrated in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. The population is forecasted to grow until the year 2010 and the number of households will also continue to increase through the year 2015, therefore there is still potential for expansion in the market place. With a focus on this market, Iida Sangyo has continued to promote a wide range of business activities through sales offices that cover the entire Tokyo metropolitan area. Today, even in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, lifestyles have become diversified by region and the way of thinking towards “housing” along with types of demands has changed in various ways. In order to build housing that matches the needs of our customers with an accurate focus on regional characteristics, Iida Sangyo has expanded our sales activities in close contact with communities by setting up many sales offices in each city that has a market of over one million people with a focus on the Tokyo metropolitan area including Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Shizuoka and Aichi. We are grateful for the support we have received from everyone in these regions. We will continue to meet the expectations of our customers by making full use of our collective strengths, namely R&D, planning and sales capabilities along with a strong network of information.

Requirements for Housing in the Future

Future housing market requirements are clear.

The first is the quantification and clarification of housing performance standards. Until now, there were no objective standards to determine the performance of housing like there is with automobiles. However, the Housing Performance Indication System is intended to evaluate the performance of houses at the time of their completion according to standards that have been objectively quantified. In other words, this can be called a house rating system. Our firm has proactively adopted this system (for example we have achieved the highest ratings for earthquake resistance, wind resistance, degradation measures and maintenance/management measures) and we continue to set pricing which is affordable as we have always done in order to provide "even better and more inexpensive housing" which gives our customers peace of mind.

The second is the importance of being environmentally friendly in terms of ecology and saving energy. Selecting a house only for its merits of convenience and performance is a problem. We have a firm conviction in further recognizing the excellence of "wooden housing that is environmentally friendly" with superior energy savings and carbon dioxide fixation performance in homes just in the same way as the movement to ban diesel passenger cars that were once popular due to their low fuel consumption rates.

The third is the further increase in the necessity for maintenance and management that matches the life cycle of the house. Periodic inspections, disassembly, parts replacement and repairs can be easily performed on automobiles, but since a house is more expensive and the service life of is considerably longer than an automobile, disassembly, repairs and parts replacements are not easy. In other words, as housing performance improves and the life span lengthens, the importance of maintenance management has become more vital than ever before. Our goal is to build a management service system that matches the maintenance/ management and life cycle of the house. We aim to provide a house building and service that gives our customers "peace of mind when buying their homes," "peace of mind when living in their homes" and "peace of mind even when they replace their homes in the future."