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I.D.S Construction Method

The I.D.S construction method is a "wooden framework - panel construction method."This is a construction method that combines the degree of freedom in design of the wooden framework construction method and the strong earthquake resistance of the structural plywood panel construction method. This integrates the outer walls, 1/2F floor framing and roof with structural plywood in order to achieve strong earthquake resistance.

This construction method has obtained the highest grade in the Housing Performance Indication System in terms of its earthquake resistance grade (structural framework collapse prevention and damage prevention), wind resistance grade, degradation measures grade and maintenance/management measures grade. This construction method makes it possible to deliver homogenous housing that is not dependent on the skills of craftsmen through the introduction of thorough factory production (pre-cut panel production). (In some cases, three-story housing may not be able to obtain the highest grade.)

Moreover, in addition to the performance of the I.D.S construction method which has received the highest praise due to the use of parts and equipment with excellent quality and precision, such as laminated seasoned lumber and our own original bearing wall panels (outer wall bearing panels that have received ministerial approval), the I.D.S construction method comes with the performance of "SI (skeleton infill) housing."

The I.D.S construction method that comes with this "SI housing" performance flexibly supports life stage changes and provides permanent residence-oriented housing for which it is possible to easily change the floor plan while maintaining its strong durability. However, three-story housing employs the I.D.S construction method.

I.D.S Construction Method

I.D.S Construction Method Technology

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